Global Shield Network

The Global Shield Network (GSN) consists of Law Enforcement/Intelligence Agencies from around the world that share information and intelligence with Private Sector Security Executives and Law Enforcement. The GSN exponentially increases the breadth and scope of intelligence and information shared between agency partners that ultimately gets routed to private sector members.


A vanguard in this regard, NYPD Shield endeavors to provide our Shield template to law enforcement agencies across the country and abroad. Assisting other agencies with the creation of their own Shield program, which allows all of the Global Shield Network partners to effectively share open-source intelligence, information, and resources with each of their respective members. Although NYPD Shield is a counterterrorism focused program, other GSN partners also address crime control strategies to further improve public safety. 


If your Law Enforcement Agency is interested in starting a Shield program and joining the Global Shield Network, please contact us at CTShield@NYPD.ORG

Please connect with us on our Global Shield Network LinkedIn Law Enforcement Account: Global Shield Network LinkedIn