Welcome to the New York City Police Department's Shield program. The NYPD Shield program is the Counterterrorism Bureau’s public-private partnership with leading security professionals and law enforcement agencies throughout the world.

The purpose of the Shield program is to strengthen the Department’s communication with our private sector partners. Shield provides an information and resource sharing platform that addresses emerging and evolving conditions within New York City on all matters of counterterrorism. Serving as the flagship program in the Global Shield Network, NYPD Shield receives and disseminates information and intelligence from other Shield programs and our public/private partners. By engaging and sharing information with both private and public sector leaders, the Department creates a force multiplier in the fight against terrorism.

Research shows that preoperational planning of a terrorist incident does not necessarily occur in the intended city of attack. As compared to the nearly 800,000 members of law enforcement in the United States, there are approximately 1.5 to 2 million security professionals. The overall purpose of SHIELD is for law enforcement to leverage this valuable resource by providing/receiving timely information to/from the private/public sector in an attempt to prevent potential terrorist attacks.



Police Commissioner Edward A. Caban


Police Commissioner Edward A. Caban Welcome to NYPD Shield, the innovative and highly-successful program that partners our Counterterrorism Bureau with private security managers across the region.


New York City remains the top U.S. target of organized terrorist groups, proxy forces, lone-wolf actors, and more. Those who wish to do us harm have many reasons, from instilling fear to crippling our economy. As a metropolis of 8.6 million residents with more than 65 million annual tourists, and the cultural and financial epicenter of the nation, we can never fall complacent.



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The NYPD Shield program is designed for Security Directors (or their equivalent), Assistant Security Directors, Security Managers, Law Enforcement, and Government Agency Personnel. Applicants must have a valid business or government email address. Personal email addresses will not be accepted

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