Commissioner's Message

Keechant Sewell Photo Welcome to NYPD Shield, the innovative and highly-successful program that partners our Counterterrorism Bureau with private security managers across the region.

New York City remains the top U.S. target of organized terrorist groups, proxy forces, lone-wolf actors, and more. Those who wish to do us harm have many reasons, from instilling fear to crippling our economy. As a metropolis of 8.6 million residents with more than 65 million annual tourists, and the cultural and financial epicenter of the nation, we can never fall complacent.

We have long known that in order to safeguard our city and our nation, we had to find new and effective means of sharing vital information with the private sector. Thwarting terrorism – like traditional crime, itself – is a shared responsibility between the police and the communities we serve. And we need you to help us keep everyone safe by maintaining a watchful eye for anything suspicious – because it is you who know your buildings and your immediate neighborhoods better than anyone.

Information sharing is a two-way street, and the relationships we have formed through our first-of-its-kind program have already paid hefty dividends. NYPD Shield is not intended to replace existing programs within the private security industry. Rather, it serves as a clearinghouse for threat updates and key messages about new briefings, industry-specific seminars, and the latest information from our counterterrorism experts.

We know that a threat to one of us is a threat to all of us. And certainly, terrorists and criminals around the world are working hand-in-hand to attack our interests. So, to defeat their network, we must strengthen our own.

Thank you for joining us in our mission to protect New York City, its businesses, and its people. I look forward to further strengthening our relationships as we continue to keep everyone we serve safe, and ensure they feel safe, as well.