Countering Terrorism through Information Sharing

Operation Nexus

Date : September 18, 2021

The New York City Police Department’s Operation Nexus is a nationwide network of businesses and enterprises joined in an effort to prevent another terrorist attack against our citizens. Our detectives have conducted over 25,000 visits to firms that have joined us in this mutual effort. Members of Operation Nexus are committed to reporting suspicious business encounters that they believe may have possible links to terrorism.

The NYPD believes terrorists may portray themselves as legitimate customers in order to purchase or lease certain materials or equipment, or to undergo certain formalized training to acquire important skills or licenses. There is also a concern that these individuals may simply steal certain types of vehicles, equipment or materials from the inventory of legitimate businesses. Whatever the method, once appropriated these items could then be used to facilitate a terrorist plot.

Through Operation Nexus, the NYPD actively encourages business owners, operators and their employees to apply their particular business and industry knowledge and experience against each customer transaction or encounter to discern anything unusual or suspicious and to report such instances to authorities.

If you agree to join the Operation Nexus network, one of our detectives will explain why certain types of businesses may be attractive to a terrorist operative and provide a list of indicators – specifically tailored to that business -- to use as a reference. Once visited, these businesses receive a framed certificate and become participants in the NYPD “Operation Nexus Network” to serve as a first alert mechanism to help protect New York City against the threat of another terror attack. It is important to note that participation in this network is not limited to New York City businesses.

Terrorist attacks do not occur in a vacuum. They require planning and preparation, such as the acquisition of certain materials or training in targeted activities. Terrorist operatives will try to obtain these in the private sector, from businesses both inside and outside of New York City’s geographic boundaries. Moreover, their approach to a business will vary, from entering a store and standing directly in front of a customer-service counter to making an electronic purchase over the Internet at a company’s website. Call (718) 765-4484 for more information.