Countering Terrorism through Information Sharing

Counter-Terrorism Initiatives

Date : January 19, 2022

Since September 11, the NYPD has put forth a number of counterterrorism initiatives to prevent and deter another terrorist attack in the City. Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly created a Counterterrorism Bureau and reformed the Intelligence Division. The Department conducts drills and deployments that enforce a heightened security presence in the City and deter terrorists through a show of force. There are extensive counterterrorism training programs in place to advance the Department's knowledge on the nature of the terrorist threat, CBRN, critical infrastructure protection, and counterterrorism tactics. In addition, the Department has made significant improvements to its intelligence collection and strategic analysis capabilities.

The Department's counterterrorism mission is to detect and dismantle terrorist activity, mitigate the effects of terrorist attacks, and investigate terrorist acts and capture perpetrators.

The tactical deployments are designed to deter attacks, detect terrorist threats through surveillance and other means, protect the public, and raise awareness to both law enforcement and the public.

  • Mustered at central location
  • Deployed to various soft-target locations
  • Prior to deployment, officers are briefed on current terrorism intelligence and tactics


  • Task forces and the Emergency Service Unit are deployed to critical, sensitive, vulnerable locations primarily in Manhattan South (below 59th Street)
  • Mobilization of special assets


  • Increased deployments of Harbor, Aviation, and Emergency Service Units
  • Transportation Bureau is working closely with the MTA and the Port Authority to ensure counterterrorism precautions are in place
  • Deploying critical response vans to events, or simply to stop at certain locations, like hotels, restaurants, landmarks or tourist attractions
  • The Financial district is under intense 24-hour coverage
  • Daily assessments to determine which hotels, museums, landmarks, and other attractions merit additional protection
  • Comprehensive specialized patrol comprised of ESU heavy weapons, Canine, Highway radio cars, Intel, Aviation and Harbor Units
  • Directed to sensitive, vulnerable, critical or "soft target" locations


  • Businesses join a nationwide network in an effort to prevent another terrorist attack
  • Encourages business owners, operators and their employees to review business transactions and discern anything unusual or suspicious and to report such instances to authorities
  • To learn more about Operation Nexus or to become a member, call 718-765-4484.